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[Jul. 12th, 2010|06:48 pm]
You know, what pisses me of is the fact that they decided to call it World War II. I mean, at that point there wasn't any World War I, but instead they take the Great War series and renames the whole thing!

And just the Great War, the plot leading out to the outbreak is so cluttered and confused nobody really knows what happened or whose fault it was, but everyone tends to blame Germany. Then they have this boring long almost four year arc on the western front where almost nothing happens apart from people dying and almost everyone seems to be a poet. I also find it almost unbelievable the way they always portray the British Generals as almost stupid and out of touch with reality and continuing to do the same kinds of attacks time and time again. Strategy doesn't work that way!

And not to mention that they solve that arc by an "America saves the day!" when they join in the last year after some line-cruiser or something sank. And those "secret weapon" "tanks", supposedly named such to fool German spies into believing they were water tanks, which were so slow that artillery could home in on them easily.
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