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[Jul. 12th, 2010|05:45 pm]

I just want to point out a slight error in your piece: the Churchill character was actually First Sea Lord, which is a kind of admiral according to the series' bible, in the first series. What's interesting in a total breakdown of continuity kind of way is that his back history has him in the army before this. So it's easy to see how you made your mistake in calling him a general. It's what you'd expect, after all, if the writers hadn't been more concerned with the Rule of Cool than realism.

Also, has anyone noticed just how many superweapons there were in this series? Every time things get slow, they pull a secret weapon out of nowhere. Early on, when the good guys are facing the invasion, it looks like it's all over for them? They unveil this super-secret invisible detection system out of nowhere to track the enemy bomber squadrons. And it works perfectly, in contrast to the bad guys' secret weapons which when they work aren't used properly, and when they are used properly are just too big to use, incredibly delicate or melt their users. The only weapons that work well and are used properly are those undersea boats and that magic 88mm gun (which tends to get used in everything).
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