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Superweapons in sequels[Jul. 12th, 2010|05:24 pm]
I believe that there WAS a scene shot in which there was debate between the American military and civilian leaderships about using the mystic superweapon in Vietnam, but it was cut from the DVD release. But forget about that... go to conventions and find yourself a bootleg VHS copy of the 1983 Christmas special, "Able Archer," it's hilarious!

But give the writers some credit. You would EXPECT that when the Germans started building the new high-tech fighter plane late in the series, you'd have an elite squadron of photogenic young men who change the balance of the conflict, as if this was a Japanese giant robot show. But do you see that happen? Nope! The new super-plane just isn't enough and dozens of similar superweapon programs are scuttled to focus on bare essentials in a desperate attempt to keep the empire from collapsing.

Keep circulating the tapes...

(Fun fact: the reCAPTCHA word for this post was "jackboot".)
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