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And some of the dialog!!!![Jul. 12th, 2010|05:15 pm]
So the big head US Army guy in the Pacific Ocean is chased off a couple of islands by the Japanese, and what does he say?

"I Shall Return!" And, yeah. You can even see the uppercase letters as he's saying it.

And over in England, there's some US reporter who's standing on a rooftop in London during a nighttime bombing raid by the Germans and he's doing a live radio report as bombs are dropping all around him.

Oh, and lets not forget the episode with the heroic PT boat captain whose boat is sheared in half by a Japanese destroyer. The captain then swims to an island, while carrying a wounded crewman, and once he gets TO the island, sends a message to come rescue him to the Navy. Written on a coconut! He then gets elected President and sends men to the moon!

Really, who ARE these hacks writing the WWII series for History Channel?
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