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[Jul. 12th, 2010|03:17 pm]

I've seen some spin-off stuff based around the development of that Deus Ex Machina 'superweapon' and it's just as bad rubbish. Real scientists doing real science are nothing like that.

The story is they get all these leading scientists together, and they all work on one single project, all at the same time, with nobody worrying about grants or publications. Yeah, right. And they have this one joker guy Feynman, obviously there for comic relief, and he goes around picking generals' safes, sneaking secrets and contraband off the base where they're developing it, and generally being a PITA about everything, but even though this is the Most Secret Project Ever, and it's Total War, they never court martial him or anything and just let it all go because ... well to be honest it's never really addressed as a problem. He even gets his own spin-off spin-off series where they imply he was some kind of genius, but he clearly wasn't a key figure on the superweapon project, and really you can't take this later stuff remotely seriously - it jumps the shark very near the beginning where he gives pick-up advice to young men based on his extensive experience in topless bars, and just gets worse until towards the end there's this really silly bit where he gets called in to investigate a huge space disaster like he's Sherlock Holmes and "proves" his point by doing this really cheesy trick with smashing a bit of rubber that he's frozen in liquid nitrogen.
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