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[Jul. 12th, 2010|02:04 pm]
Coming from Germany myself your thoughts seem a little strange. Well maybe I´m not getting them at all, but yes u are right about the history channel documentations .. but u can take any documentation about WW II they are all mostly exaggerated. On the other side WW II was fact and even if some or many things are corrected by the winners to make them appear in a better light ... let´s not forget who where the victims of this war and that the nazi were a fucking bunch of human "slaying" assholes. I don´t know if you have ever met some of the old nazis but I have encountered some of the so called neo nazis and they are not the funny type ... They have a total fixed sight on things and are willing to use force to terrorize you for the smallest fault.

But as stated at the beginning of my comment, maybe I´m not getting what you are pointing at, at all. So I´m sorry if I understand your post wrong, no offense ;)

@Ciphergoth: They actually did wear skulls ... That were the so called SS Totenkopfverbände. There is even a not so bad wikipedia articel about them ...
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